SpaceX’s first paying moon flight customer wants to give away eight seats aboard his spaceship


Yusaku Maezawa, the first paying passenger to book a trip aboard SpaceX’s (still in development) Starship spacecraft around the moon, has provided a promised update about his mission. It’s still aiming for 2023 for a flight date, and the plan is still to fly a week-long trip around the moon and back. Now, however, Maezawa … Read more

Create a handbook and integrate AI to onboard remote employees


Chris Buttenham Contributor Share on Twitter Chris Buttenham is the CEO and co-founder of Obie, a knowledge base software and support accelerator. The pandemic has forced organizations across the globe to shutter the office environment and take up a remote-first strategy. Through necessity, professionals have adapted to remote working. But the systems they use are … Read more

Sequoia Capital India’s Surge invests $2M in sales engagement platform Outplay


Outplay’s team members on a video call Sales engagement platforms (SEP) help sales teams automate and track the large number of tasks they need to do each day as they contact leads and home in on potential deals. Focused on small-to-medium-sized companies, SEP startup Outplay announced today it has raised $2 million from Sequoia Capital … Read more

Atomic, which only funds the startups it launches, just closed its newest fund with $260 million


Jack Abraham has a lot of confidence in what he’s building. Then again, you can’t be immodest or unsure of yourself if you’re going to bet exclusively on your own startups as an investor, which is precisely the model that Abraham’s San Francisco-based venture studio, Atomic, has followed since it was launched nine years ago. … Read more

Facebook’s Oversight Board already ‘a bit frustrated’ — and it hasn’t made a call on Trump ban yet


The Facebook Oversight Board (FOB) is already feeling frustrated by the binary choices it’s expected to make as it reviews Facebook’s content moderation decisions, according to one of its members who was giving evidence to a UK House of Lords committee today which is running an enquiry into freedom of expression online.  The FOB is … Read more

Facebook can save itself by becoming a B Corporation


Ann Florini Contributor Ann Florini is Clinical Professor at Thunderbird School of Global Management at the Arizona State University. Brett Hurt Contributor Share on Twitter Brett Hurt is CEO and co-founder of Data.World. As Facebook confronts outrage among its employees and the public for mishandling multiple decisions about its role in shaping public discourse, it … Read more

Cornea eyes in on fighting wildfires using better data


It’s not yet fire season thankfully, which affords some breathing room for firefighters and emergency responders to begin planning out how to confront the increasingly complex and unwieldy task of preventing and responding to fires in the American West. Wildfires in the region have been particularly acute in recent years in states like California, mostly … Read more